a month

since i've posted. that's pretty pitiful. and somewhat cynical. and i can go on record for saying that for a handful of the past days/weeks, i have been somewhat of a brat.

my sister and i used to play a daily game of 'love:___ hate:___'. it really worked well to bring a little perspective, levity, and thankfulness to the day.

right now,

love: bethenny frankel's reality tv show. i tell people this all the time, and welcome their judgment, because her craziness, honesty, and general hilarity are such a delight to me, i just don't care. this is random, and in a few months may mean nothing to me, but this show has contributed to a much needed attitude adjustment, so i needed to pay it homage.

hate: when i delve into the not-so-good side of introspection, the overly self-focused and self-managed, make-a-mountain-out-of-a-molehill kind. that's me the last month. i think i've finally snapped out of it.



music has always moved me. but it is especially joyful when you have one of those moments. a moment in which the perfect song is played at the perfect time, and you have a perfectly transportive moment.

these moments and their emotions seem only possible when stumbled upon. nothing is ever as authentic when forced. for some reason, you put in a cd you haven't seen in years, or a new selection pricks your ear and you place it on repeat until you later realize just why that is, or as you randomly shuffle through your collection you were lucky enough to tap on something just right.

this is a newbie i have on repeat this morning.


a paradigm shift

i love those random and rare moments, when i suddenly realize (as tends to be the only way i discover things about myself) that i have changed.

this morning, i was running through the grocery, grabbing this fruit here, and that fruit there, treats i needed and craved to get me through my work day, sustainably and with satisfaction. i noticed prices, but didn't let sticker shock derail me from my course. it has been a long road for this self-taught champion of cheap eating, but as i was at the cash register, untroubled by whatever the final dollar amount was, i realized: i've turned a corner.

a while back, when reading whatever i could get my hands on concerning the false pricing of our processed foods (due to snarky government subsidies), and lack of appropriate inflation on the factory farming industry (meat prices haven't changed in fifty years), an author noted, "if we are going to spend our money on anything, shouldn't it be on what we put in our bodies?". that struck me. it became so obvious. shouldn't more of our paycheck go to what keeps us alive and keeps us well, instead of what keeps us entertained or keeps us cool? (you can't have the latter without the former). isn't health the higher value?

this "food" is cheap because 1) it isn't real food, 2) the workers who handle it aren't paid what they should be, and 3) it isn't produced with integrity or care for the consumer. real food has a real cost. and i'm glad i've finally realized, and committed to, this reality.


cleanin' house

well, not really. though, i do love a good organizational session and a tidy living space...this is more internal than external.

it feels so good to do something right for your body, for your health, and thus yourself. i started up a detox yesterday, that i have completed once before, and i already look forward to how wonderfully clean (interesting, but accurate word choice) and naturally energized i am going to feel in a matter of days. it takes a little dedication and discipline, but that little 11-day eating plan was really was one of the best things i've ever done for myself.

it taught me to try new things (former foods of distaste are now favorites), to conquer cravings, to make social interactions about the people and not the accoutrements, and how a little effort can have big rewards. every now and then, a little experimentation can be one of the best forms of education.


something new

i recently learned that it takes trying a new food three times, to know for sure you really don't like it. at first, and second attempt, often our taste is simply thrown-off by the introduction of a new item, and is not entirely adverse.

on the flip side, i think it is so completely wonderful when, with just one try, you find something novel you really love. a new food item, a new found recipe. i have been in the kitchen (and committed to it) a lot more the past few weeks, and it's rewards are multi-fold. i'm learning new skills, and new foods, and new combinations i never even thought i would enjoy.

you take a (little) risk, put in a (little) effort, and come out with big, encouraging results. mexican spaghetti squash? totally odd and random? yes. but then completely delicious and delightful. hooray.


a little lovin'

starting out the day with a quiet moment, over a cappuccino. a little indulgence (the dairy and the dent in my pocket-book), a little self-care. so lovely.

i am slowly realizing that taking the opportunity to take care of one's self is not a sign of weakness but of wisdom.

taking care of one's self, by looking into and looking after the primary influences of our life (our relationships, our career, our physical activity level, our faith) plays perhaps the most important role in attaining true health. these aspects of our lives, beyond our food choices, are what truly "nourish" us. when they are in good, working order, food becomes secondary, and we are able to soundly choose to "eat to live", instead of the other way around. while the nutrients in our food are important, we are more than the sum of our nutrient parts.


yep, it's been a while

and while plenty of wonderful, noteworthy, and joyful things have come my way since that first post in 2008, today, is a great day. i am officially starting down a new path. well, not entirely in the robert frost kind-of-way, but still, after much thought and contemplation a big decision was made, and hopefully, big things are going to happen.

about two months ago, i decided to get a little more serious about this nutrition, health, and wellness passion of mine, and enrolled in a holistic health counseling program through an institute based in new york. i don't know exactly what all of this will look like on the other end, but i am thrilled to begin my journey.

i am so thankful that i have found something i love, and am so blessed that i have the opportunity, ability, and support to move forward with pursuing it further. here's to a great year ahead.